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Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op Grand Opening Event!

We are proud to announce the gran opening of the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op!

In short: Saturday July 28, 5-9 PM at Future Green, 2352 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee. We will have free food, live music, and ASTM-certifide B100 for sale. Member price is $3.20/gal, $3.48 for nonmembers. We sell the fuel at cost.

We've got quite a buzz going in Milwaukee, mostly through word of mouth and our presence in some recent parades and some select media hits. Our full blitz just began this week, and we already have a few elected reps coming to the event. It should be good!

Here's the press release, For immediate release

Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op Grand Opening Event

Biodiesel fuel now available in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — Wednesday, July 18, 2007 — The grand opening of the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op will be on Saturday, July 28 from 5 PM to 9 PM at Future Green, 2352 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. The event will feature an educational presentation about biodiesel as well as food and live music.

“Biodiesel is a renewable, environmentally safe fuel,” said Swee Sim, President of the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op. “It is made from vegetable oil rather than petroleum oil, and can be used in any diesel engine.”

About the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op

The Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op is a member-owned, non-profit corporation.

Fuel Purchase: Price is $3.20/gal for members, $3.68/gal for non-members. The nonmember price reflects a delivery fee and storage costs that are paid by the co-op. Bring a suitable container; 5 gallon diesel totes are available at area hardware stores.

Co-op Membership: Co-op members are able to purchase biodiesel at cost. A one-year membership in the co-op is $125. Six-month memberships are $75. Members may join the co-op at the event.

The Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op’s mission is:

1. Educate the public about biodiesel and renewable energy.
2. Encourage the use of biodiesel in the public and private sectors.
3. Provide a local source of commercial-grade biodiesel.

Contact Information:

Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op
Phone: 414-294-4300
Email: info@mkebio.org
Web: www.mkebio.org

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