The composition of a knave (polyanarch) wrote in biodiesel,
The composition of a knave

Hot and muggy day

It was damn hot and very muggy in Chicago today and boy was I smelling diesel everywhere I went around town. Yuck! My car is bad enough as I spilled a gallon of ULSD in the trunk when a Jerry Can tipped over (yeah, I'm still mixing it in)

But just walking around town every idling truck was really spewing out some noxious odors that just hung around in the humidity. I actually LIKE the smell of diesel most of the time but I bet a lot of people were not liking it.

I guess it is a good reason to go to B100 for the next few weeks at least (My Camry doesn't have the most power in the world and it's even more gutless when running pure bio so I like to run B50 max).
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