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Save the Earth with clean fuel!

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This community urges people to make the switch over to biodiesel.

Our Biodiesel LJ Resource Page (http://www.geocities.com/mr1spike/Biodiesel/resources.html)

NBB -- National Biodiesel Board (http://www.biodiesel.org/)
Biodieselnow.com (http://www.biodieselnow.com)
EBB -- European Biodiesel Board (http://www.ebb-eu.org/)

Biodiesel fuel is diesel fuel that is derived from vegetable oil instead of petroleum oil.
Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine. It can be mixed with regular diesel fuel at any ratio. Even small ratios of 20% biodiesel to 80% diesel result in significant benefits to the environment. 100% biodiesel fuel can be used in diesel engines.

Commercially made biodiesel fuel can be purchased from a variety of sources across the US. It usually comes in 55 gallon barrels and costs between 2 and 3 dollars per gallon including delivery. In some cities you can drive up to a pump and fill your tank with biodiesel fuel.

If you have a source of vegetable oil (like waste from a restaurant's fryer) it is fairly easy and safe to make your own biodiesel fuel.

No conversions or adjustments are needed to run a diesel engine on biodiesel fuel.

The environmental benefits, of even mixing in a small ratio of biodiesel fuel are numerous. Here are some basic facts:
Compared to regular diesel fuel, biodiesel emits half the amount of Carbon Monoxide, particulate matter, and smog-forming ozone.
Compared to regular diesel fuel, biodiesel emits ZERO sulfates (the major contributor to acid rain)

Compared to regular diesel fuel, biodiesel emits 80% to 90% less PAHs (a known carcinogen) and reduces CO2 emissions by 78.45%

Biodiesel fuel is non-toxic and biodegradable, posing no threat to human health. It is ten times less toxic than table salt.