The composition of a knave (polyanarch) wrote in biodiesel,
The composition of a knave

cold fuel

Today I got my car out and drove it around a bit more. I'm still on the same tank of B50 that I had in it last Novemeber. It's down to less than 1/4 so I figured I'd drive around a little today and find some cheap fuel and put 5-gallons of dino in and then come home and use one of the 5-gallon cans of B100 I bought last November to make my own B50. I noticed last week that the stuff was THICK and had yellow waxy glop stuck to the sides and the spout inside. Looks like Glycerin to me. I brought it inside all day to warm up (I have heated floors) but at 60-degrees it is nice and thin but I STILL see little floaters in there and there is some stuff on the inside of the can causing shadows when I shine a light through it.

I bought this stuff commercially from PrairieFire BioDiesel Coop in Madison, WI. I've stored it in sealed 5-gallon plastic Diesel cans (nearly brand new) and all 4 cans were stored in my unheated garage. I can understand it gelling but this seems like it is more than that. I wiped off the yellow goop from the spout with a paper towel and laid it out in the sun. It's 40-degrees out but it didn't melt and is still in the paper towel. I think this is too much glycerin. I didn't use the stuff although it's the same stuff that I mixed my B50 with last November and I've not had any troubles although I did put anti-gel in it and a scootch of marvel.

I might wait until summer and see if it is any better and if not I'm going to take it back up to WI and ask them about it. I suspect it might be better at 80-degrees this summer and I can burn it up.

Unfortunately all the Dino-D I could find in the chicago area is ULSD. So now I've got that in the tank I want to not switch back and forth. I've got all brand new Viton seals in my IP when I had it rebuilt. I hope the ULSD doesn't effect it again. I think it will be OK as long as I'm not switching back and forth causing the seals to swell and contract. The car is 24 years old and I don't want to take any more chances (or pay another $525 to have my pump rebuilt AND have to pull it off again. What a PITA that was. That timing belt isnt coming off for another 60K! (Camry Diesels don't have ANY room to do the TB change)
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