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Good lord

I like to watch ebay. It's fun to see what is out there. I've been watching and tracking every Camry Diesel that comes through (only a handful every year).

Yesterday the first auction on one of River's (my own personal '84 Camry Turbo-Diesel) twin sisters since the one last December, that had a bad tranny, closed at $3,302!!!!

Holy CRAP-ola

The seller was a half-wit who couldn't write, spell or use ANY capitalization in his 2-line description. He refused to answer any questions on the car's mechanical condition other than it "looks good" and the photos were atrocious!

Not only that, but his ebay rating was (1)!!!!!

Good lord, 48 bids with 18 unique bidders pushed this car up to $3.3K -I printed out a copy for my own records. It will be nice to have if I ever need to prove the value of river.

"Looks good" my ass. The car is definitely going to need a timing belt and all new hoses, idlers and stuff. It's 24 years old for Christ's sake. I know. I just went through the process. About $400 in parts not including labor right there.

I can guarantee that the IP is leaking or will soon be leaking. Once she gets her first tankfull of ULSD she certainly will be needing an IP rebuild. That's another $500 not including labor for R&R. Viton Seals are a must.

Parts and labor to get this brown bomber to the point where my River is today will run at least $1.5K if done right. (if not done right it WON'T be a dependable driver) If they do all the work themselves will still be about $1K added to the $3.3K purchase price PLUS transportation costs to get it "home" (wherever that may be). It cost me $500 to fly out to Seattle plus fuel/expenses to drive River home.

This, in my estimation, puts this car in the $5-6K range when all is said and done -even for the home-mechanic do-it-yourself type. -for a 23-year-old ECONOBOX!

If this doesn't drive home the fact that Toyota needs to release a Camry/Corolla diesel again for 2007/2008 I don't know what else could.

People is craxy!
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