Lisa (quakewave) wrote in biodiesel,

I hope I am not breaking any rules...

Hello, I just joined this community.  I am an anthropology student at UC Santa Cruz and am writing a paper on biofuel use.  If it's ok, will some of you please answer the following questions and help me out!

Age, sex, location (just for demographic stats).

What form of biofuel do you use?

Why do you use it?

Do you think it is more about conservation, economics, or environmental protection?

Do you think that mass usage of biofuels is economically plausible?
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In order...

42; female; Ottawa, Ontario

I drive a full sized diesel van, running a 20% biodiesel blend, whenever I can. I would run 100% if available.

I bought the van because it gets better fuel mileage that a typical minivan, but carries far more. What's not to like?

I run on the biodiesel mix that's available to me for conservation and environmental protection reasons. I hope that, down the line, it is cost effective for me to run biodiesel at the moment, but right now, there's no price difference.

I think that mass usage of biofuels will be economically plausible down the road, but not yet. I do not believe the fuel companies want it this way until it becomes profitable for them. As such, the technology isn't quite there.

29, male, Milford, NJ, USA

I use biodiesel. I run B100 as often as feasible, and a blend in the winter.

I use it because it is better for my vehicle, somewhat because it is better for the environment, and because, while I buy it now, I will be making my own in a few months, so it will be a cost savings.

What initially got me interested was the economics. The conservation is a nice side effect.

I think it can be economically plausible, but it will take a much larger commitment from energy companies, government, and vehicle manufacturers to make it so.
34, male, north Florida

I don't, but would use biodiesel if available

I don't use it due to very limited commercial availability in the area.

If I used biofuels, it would be due to environmental protection, conservation, and political reasons.

Maybe: the big factor will be technology to convert non-food organics -- i.e. agricultural waste or plants that aren't useful for food -- into biofuels. Otherwise the food vs fuel tradeoffs will complicate things too much.

29, male, Tucson, AZ

Biodiesel: B-20 through B100 depending upon local availability.

I use BD to reduce my consumption of fossil fuels and for cleaner emissions. It's also sometimes less expensive than regular diesel.

For me it's about conservation and reducing dependence on foriegn oil more than economics. The environmental benefits are a bonus.

Not yet. I don't think the US has the production capacity to handle a much higher demand. If demand went up without supply increases the price would put biofuels out of reach in comparison to petroleum based products.