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Biodiesel events in Milwaukee and Chicagoland

An e-mail from a comrade in biodiesel...


This is just a quick note to let you know about biodiesel events going on around the Milwaukee/ Chicagoland area as you have expressed interest at one of the events I have spoken or had a booth.

There are two biodiesel co-op meetings going on this weekend. I will be speaking at the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op meeting at Future Green (http://www.futuregreen.net/pages.php?pageid=18) at 5pm.

I have not been able to get any information regarding this group, but Chicago Biofuels (http://chicagobiofuels.org/?p=23) is meeting at noon.

There will be a large gathering of biodiesel users at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association fair in Custer Wisconsin Jun 15-17. see http://www.the-mrea.org/energy_fair.php for more information. This in one of the largest renewable energy events in the world and in [its] 18th year!

We continue to brew biodiesel at Prairie Crossing in Lake County as well so if you are still interested in an operating brewing co-op, wnat to learn more about using biodiesel, or wish to find a vehicle in which to burn biodiesel contact me for more information.

Kyle mailto:[snip]

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