stmaybe (stmaybe) wrote in biodiesel,

boston area b100?

hi all,

i'm planning a trip from north carolina to the southern coast of maine (major life changes happening & i'm in need of a journey). i've been using's handy retail biodiesel map to make arrangements to pick up b100 for my '02 jetta wagon along the way.

one area where i've had trouble finding b100 is in boston. so, can anyone recommend a coop or other boston source of b100 that i could contact? seems all the b100 i've found so far in massachusets is a good way to the west of boston, which isn't exactly on my route (though it may need to become on my route if i can't find an alternative).

stmaybe (& stinky, the '02 jetta wagon who no longer reeks of nasty diesel fuel)
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