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Homebrew Biodiesel classes August 25-26 (Sat/Sun) by Girl Mark

The Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op will be hosting the class "Learn To Make Quality Biodiesel Fuel." Taught by Maria "Mark" Alovert, the class offers a thorough introduction to grassroots energy independence. It is a beginner's class, and no previous biodiesel brewing experience is required. The classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday August 25-26. It costs $120, payable through Alovert's web site. Here's a link to the Milwaukee class listing. The class is open to the public; anyone can sign up. You do not need to be a member of the Milwaukee Biodiesel Co-op in order to take it.

Alovert describes the class:

"Biodiesel fuel can be made in your backyard or garage for .75 cents a gallon [not including road tax] with common ingredients, using very inexpensive equipment. Relatively little chemistry knowledge is needed to produce quality fuel that will run in any diesel engine, and thousands of people around the country have discovered homebrewing fuel to be an addictive hobby. Come learn what it takes to produce your own clean-burning biodiesel fuel, and to build the equipment to do so.

These classes are hands-on and fast-paced - you'll be making test batches of fuel, titrating and testing oil, and assessing quality of the finished product throughout the two day class. Weekend classes also include some hands-on equipment building- we'll build a few biodiesel processors for students who purchase processor plumbing kits in advance, and everyone will be wrenching on the plumbing and learning the skills needed to build your home biodiesel system.

Energy independence is close at hand! (Now you just have to get a diesel car...)
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